Reactive Magnesia

We sell our own brand of reactive magnesia that must meet our stringent quality guidelines. Various grades of other magnesia from highly reactive to less reactive or caustic calcined (CCM) are also available.

Reactive magnesia is made mainly from magnesite using a low temperature calcination process followed by fine grinding. The lower the temperature and finer the grind the more reactive the product. Impurities also make a difference, for example iron tends to reduce reactivity because it reacts with the reactive magnesia during the manufacturing process.

TecEco use magnesia made at less than about 750°C and ground to a particle size with greater than 95% of the particles of less than 120 microns and for most implementations of our cement technology less than 45 microns.

For orders please contact TecEco. For samples, small orders, or research supplies please go to Purchasing TecEco Products. Please specify the grade you require.

TecEco technologies will make a big difference to the global demand for magnesia. To find out how download the article about new markets for magnesia from Documentation\Articles

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