Tec-Cements are cement blends that comprise of a hydraulic cement such as Portland cement mixed with a relatively small proportion of reactive magnesia[1] and a pozzolan which reacts with Portlandite removing it and making more cement. They offer a solution to many of the technical problems that plague traditional cement formulations caused by the reactivity of lime (Portlandite).

Not only does Tec-Cement offer numerous technical advantages when compared to typical cement formulations, Tec-Cement also offers numerous cost advantages.

The key advantages of Tec-Cement are:

More information on the Tec-Cement technology can be found in our documentation section.

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More information on the Eco-Cement technology can be found in our technical section under TecEco Cements, documentation section and under Tec-Cement in our Definitions section. Further information in relation to sustainability can be found under that section in our main menu.


Tec-Cement is now available for experimental purposes and some field work. For larger orders please contact TecEco. For samples, small orders, or research supplies please go to Purchasing TecEco Products.

Product Safety Data

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[1] Reactive magnesia is also variously known as caustic calcined magnesia, caustic magnesia or CCM. The temperature of firing has a greater influence on reactivity than grind size as excess energy goes into lattice energy.

Technical information about reactive magnesia is available in the technical area of our web site.