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Many of the organisations below have given TecEco a hand so please support them

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The Association for the Advancement of Sustainable Materials In Construction (AASMIC) was founded by John Harrison and is a multi disciplinary group of concerned professionals to promote sustainable materials in construction. The group encourage innovative sustainable new materials, disseminate information about sustainable materials and stimulate discussion and debate about sustainable materials and related issues. AASMIC also lobby governments and other agencies about the importance of materials for a sustainable built environment an run conferences.

26 Feb 05
The Global Green Plan is an initiative of the Global Green Plan Foundation and has the objective of creating cultural change for more sustainable development.
14 Jan 06
Leonardo Dicaprio's web site. View the excellent videos on global warming and the water crisis. 14 Jan 06

Who said the large automobile manufacturers and petroleum industry had managed to kill off green innovation? Green Motorsport is devoted to environmental racing and applied green performance technology, with emphasis on research & testing new green energy alternatives and bringing them to everyone’s attention through racing.

6 Apr 07
The Low Carbon Network is a UK based not for profit company established to raise awareness of the links between buildings, the working and living patterns they support, and global warming. Members of the LCN aims to help bring about change through the take up of new ideas and approaches to building. To achieve this they have focused on projects that are both ‘low carbon’ and low cost. The first building in the world to incorporate TecEco technology was built by the LCN and if you go to their web site look for Earthship Brighton. 15 Mar 06
TreeHugger is a fast-growing web magazine, dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible 14 Jan 06
Australian International Green Build & Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conferences 8 May 06

Green Innovations is a non-profit environmental think-tank and environmental services organisation that aims to be a catalyst for the achievement of global and local sustainability. The organisation is run by Phillip Sutton who believes that an ecologically sustainable society should also be just, equitable and fulfilling. Green Innovations are pursuing the achievement of sustainability for the benefit of people globally and locally and for the benefit of future generations and nature. We believe this can be done while still achieving a high real standard of living and a productive economy.

26 Oct 2007

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