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Keeping you informed about TecEco sustainability projects.  Issue 61, 5th October 2006

TecEco Achievements

While no-one can deny that plenty of water has to flow under TecEco's bridge (made out of Tec-Cement concrete of course) before we achieve our goals of turning the building materials industry from a sustainability problem into a solution, our achievements to date have been considerable.

We have:

A Genuine Voice in the Geosequestration Debate

"It's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it." Upton Sinclair

This quote unfortunately applies to many of the submissions (from people who are obviously on the payroll of the fossil fuel industry) to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Science and Innovation inquiry into geosequestration technology.

To provide some balance to the debate John Harrison also made a submission which was made on behalf of the Global Engineering Alliance, TecEco Pty. Ltd. and Greensols Pty. Ltd. that can now be found on the Standing Committee's website at www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/scin/geosequestration/index.htm or on our website under political documentation.

Forty-one submissions were received from a wide range of stakeholders. In what is obviously a complex issue, if it is possible to divide the general tone of the submissions into For, Against and On the Fence, our personal assessment is thus.


Australian Coal Association & Minerals Council of Australia

Cooperative Center for Greenhouse Gas Technologies

Rio Tinto Australia

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Ltd

Anglo Coal

Santos Ltd

Exxon Mobil

Queensland Resources Council

Chevron Australia (mainly promoting their Gorgon Project)

Eriks Velins

South Australian Govt.

Centre for Low Emission Technology


Energy Supply Association of Australia

Origin Energy

WA Dept of Industry and Resources

Hydro Tasmania

Stanwell Corporation

Aust. Bureau of Resource Economics

AGL (Concentrate on retrofitting existing power stations and injecting CO2 to remove gas)

CANSYD Aus Pty Ltd & Auspace Ltd (No comment except that stringent monitoring -supposedly using their equipment - must occur)

CRC for Greenhouse Accounting (support investigation, prefer biological sequestration)

TRUenergy Australia Pty Ltd (no comment except that they have experience in gas sequestration and can offer services if required)

Engineers Australia

Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets UNSW (Acknowledges it is a high risk solution)

Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets UNSW (Acknowledges it is a high risk solution)

Environment Business Australia (agree with more research but not at expense of other technologies)

Luke Gale (Submits his invention of combining hot dry rock technology with geosequestration and micro-organisms to form methane to be utilised for energy purposes)

Friends of the Earth Australia

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Renewable Energy Generators of Australia

Climate Action Network

Docklands Science Park

The Global Engineering Alliance (TecEco Pty. Ltd. and Greensols Pty. Ltd. (For safer sequestration as building materials)

Grant Lockie "Greenhouse Bullcrap.com" (on grounds that human induced climate change is a myth)

Dr David Proctor (For ocean sequestration)

Country Women's Association of NSW

International Association of Hydro geologists (on grounds that it may pollute ground and surface waters)

Dr David Maddison (pro nuclear)

Obviously this is not a popularity contest and the arguments are more important than the conclusions, but the majority of support is with geosequestration. This is no surprise, as even the greenest groups find it hard to argue that it shouldn't even be investigated. Not of any consequence in itself, but notable is that many groups not aligned to the geosequestration industry have come down in favour of at least investigating the technology.

A number of submissions were justifiably concerned about safety issues, others doubted that costs could ever be reduced and other submissions were based on ideological grounds that prevention (ie use of zero emission technologies) is always better than a cure. The most common recommendation though, even from proponents for geosequestration that included large greenhouse gas emitters, was for an emissions trading system on carbon in Australia so that geosequestration could become economically viable. It appears that the nations big carbon dioxide emitters are finally paying some serious attention to the scribbles appearing on their cooling tower walls.

Finally, an interesting development in the last year or so has been the re-emergence of the nuclear lobby. A number of submissions are pro-nuclear, though there aren't any from organised lobby groups. Obviously a price on carbon will greatly benefit the nuclear industry, but at what cost? How about a price on the environmental effects of radioactivity? This is a classic example of the transfer from one externality to another caused when intervention in a market is too targeted. Predicting the results of tinkering with our economic systems is difficult enough to control but when the complexities of the environmental systems underlying them are considered a principal of make the smallest impact by duplicating existing processes should be followed. This principal is the basis behind John Harrison's bio and geo-mimicry theories, concrete sequestering solutions and eco-credit systems.

The Tec-Eco Submission

As background, John Harrison believes we must put an economic value on carbon to solve global warming. He theorised that by using carbon as a building material there would be sufficient amounts used to reduce the atmospheric concentration of the gas.

John Harrison got the idea of using carbon and wastes in building materials from his observations of nature. During earth's geological history, large tonnages of carbon were put away as limestone and coal by the activity of plants and animals. Shellfish build shells from it and trees turn it into their wood. These same plants and animals wasted nothing, the waste from one was the food or home of another. John concluded that the answer to the problems of greenhouse gas and waste was to use them both in building materials.

Eco-Cement is a new more environmentally sustainable type of cement which incorporates reactive magnesia and wastes. Eco-Cement used to make permeable concretes absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere to set and harden. It can also be recycled back to Eco-Cement. Wastes such as fly and bottom ash, slags etc. can also be included for their physical properties as well as chemical composition without problems such as delayed reactions.

Eco-Cements are made by blending reactive magnesium oxide with conventional hydraulic cements like Portland cement. They are environmentally friendly because in permeable concretes the magnesium oxide will first hydrate using mix water and then carbonate forming significant amounts of strength giving minerals in a low alkali matrix. Many different wastes can be used as aggregates and fillers without reaction problems. The reactive magnesium oxide used in Eco-Cements is currently made from magnesite (a carbonate compound of magnesium) found in abundance.

When added to concrete magnesia hydrates to magnesium hydroxide, but only in permeable materials like bricks, blocks, pavers and pervious pavements will it absorb CO2 and carbonate. The greater proportion of the elongated minerals that form is water and carbon dioxide. These minerals bond aggregates such as sand and gravel and wastes such as saw dust, slags, bottom ash etc.

Eco-Cement can include more waste than other hydraulic cements like Portland cement because it is much less alkaline, reducing the incidence of delayed reactions that would reduce the strength of the concrete. Portland cement concretes on the other hand can’t include large amounts of waste because the alkaline lime that forms causes delayed and disruptive reactions.

The more magnesium oxide in an Eco-Cement and the more permeable it is, the more CO2 that is absorbed. The rate of absorption of CO2 varies with the degree of permeability. Carbonation occurs quickly at first and more slowly towards completion. A typical Eco-Cement concrete block would be expected to fully carbonate within a year. Eco-Cement also has the ability to be almost fully recycled back into cement, should a concrete structure become obsolete.

For further information the reader should refer to Day, K. W. (1999). Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification, Routledge. Wu, H. C. (2006). Advanced civil infrastructure materials. Science, mechanics and applications. Cambridge, Woodhead. Pearce, Fred. (2002) Green foundations, New Scientist, 13 July 2002, issue 2351, and Independent appraisals by various experts available at the companies web site at www.tececo.com

A Broad Based System of Eco-Debits and Credits?

The introduction and some excerpts follow from a paper prepared by John Harrison for the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Heritage Inquiry into a Sustainability Charter. The paper can be downloaded from the Inquiry web site and will be available soon on the AASMIC web site.


The introduction of broad based Eco Credits or “Eco-Debits that potentially attach to land and that are able to be traded would be a major tool of environmental policy in Australia and influence the world, putting Australia ahead rather than behind on the international scene.
If properly implemented, it could deliver significant behavioural and technological change towards a more sustainable built environment.
Today, in spite of much improvement over the last five or so years, environmental issues are still of a secondary importance to most people in the construction industry.

Aristotle, who lived from 384 to 322 BC said:

“"For that which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it. Every one thinks chiefly of his own, hardly at all of the common interest; and only when he is himself concerned as an individual."”

The issue of looking after and therefore valuing the commons, first discussed by Plato, Aristotle's teacher, continues as one of the main topics for debate amongst modern political philosophers and is far from resolved. A more recent book "The Tragedy of the Commons" by Garrett Hardin (Hardin 1968) raised the problem in relation to the population debate. He argued that the "invisible hand" (laissez-faire) approach to resource problems does not always provide optimal solutions. In Hardin's hypothetical commons, the action of self-interested individuals cannot promote the public good. A more recent book by John Ralston Saul (Saul 2005) discusses globalism and highlights the current inadequate response to issues of the common good.

"As sustainability issues become more urgent, studied and understood by the masses a cultural drift is noticeable resulting in a will to embrace change. The legal and institutional mechanisms are however lacking and this proposal may help bring them about on a timelier basis, thereby matching the urgency of the problem."


The great problem of the future will be that of maintaining the common good. The stage is the global commons. Our natural capital, vital to sustain life and all economic activity is becoming seriously diminished. Sustainable processes are more efficient and therefore more economic.

Natural ecosystems can be 100% efficient. If we wish to survive in harmony with nature for the longer term, what is needed are new ideas for policies that foster biomimicry. The development of processes and technologies that allow material and energy flows to more closely mimic flows in natural ecosystems is essential.

Economic rationality is not seen as being in conflict with biomimicry as nature is the most frugal economist of all.

This proposal will assist the development of new and emergent technologies that are more sustainable and resource efficient so they can compete with existing technically mature paradigms that have the advantage of economies of scale.

A system of Eco-Credits and Debits will provide a useful input into State, Federal and International environmental policies.  It could be considered as a way of widening the agenda in discussions surrounding the sequel to the Kyoto protocol as more sustainable technologies are virtually always less energy intensive, greenhouse gas emitting technologies. They are more environmentally friendly.

By institutionalising natural capital values eventually they will also become a more important part of our culture.

John Harrison B.Sc. B.Ec. FCPA

An Inconvenient Truth

- More on this must-see movie at www.climatecrisis.net

"An Inconvenient Truth" has grossed well over $20 million dollars, making it the #3 highest grossing documentary of all time so far and it has only just started. I was so moved that I took the rest of my family to to see the movie even though for me it was a second time.

According to the movie's web site "An Inconvenient Truth (David Guggenheim, 2006) is a powerful resource in any investigation of the issue of enhanced global warming.  The film is a 90-minute version of former United States Vice President Al Gore's modestly described slide show about global warming.  In fact the slide show is a brilliantly illustrated and animated lecture, interspersed with biographical asides on Gore's journey to become a passionate advocate of the need for people to act to slow down global warming developments.  The lecture presents a variety of evidence and illustrations of the causes, manifestations and impacts of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the subsequent change to global temperatures."

Even though I am supposed to be an expert on the subject of sustainability and a person who passionately lives for it, there is much more I learned from "An Inconvenient Truth". The movie expertly strings together the facts presenting the overall picture in a most meaningful way. Al Gore may be accused of being dry but none of this matters. He is very very genuine.

I can add little more to what the following reviewers had to say. (Full reviews are available at the movies web site www.climatecrisis.net which then redirects you to the Rotton Tomatoes web site)

Although it's the most important film of the year, it will still be a hard sell to hard-headed truth-deniers.


Truth succeeds at cutting through the clutter surrounding global warming by making a clear, compelling case for how our actions are affecting the planet. Ethan Alter PREMIERE MAGAZINE

It's a mind-boggling disaster epic that draws its special power from the fact that we are both the villains and victims of the story. William Arnold SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER

This may be the first documentary in memory that will have audiences clamoring, "More hard data! More charts!" Chris Barsanti TOXICUNIVERSE.COM

Controversy isn't always a bad thing, and Mr. Freeze's surprising warmth ignites a worthy discussion. Bruce Bennett SPECTRUM (ST. GEORGE, UTAH)

A flat earth was inconvenient to Papal authority in Galileo's time. Now, what heresy is Gore committing with a scientifically based argument against contributing further to relentlessly destructive natural forces? Jules Brenner CINEMA SIGNALS

Gore's "traveling global warming show" brims over with insight, idealism, and hope. Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat SPIRITUALITY AND PRACTICE

For a doomsday lecture, it's shockingly entertaining. Well, on second thought maybe 'entertaining' isn't exactly the right word... Sean Burns PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

Definitely propaganda on an issue that remains divisive....[but] Even if Gore is wrong, and I'm not saying he is, his proposed solutions are common-sensibly sound. Peter Canavese GROUCHO REVIEWS

I'm recommending what is essentially a non-film because I agree with its politics and I'd like for more people to agree with me than disagree. Walter Chaw FILM FREAK CENTRAL

What one comes away with hoping for the future is that we do not look back on Al Gore as we look back now on Eisenhower ("Why We Fight") or Edward R. Murrow ("Good Night, and Good Luck") - as a man who gave a warning unheeded. Laura Clifford REELING REVIEWS

This is urgent, important stuff that simply can't be ignored--or left to the politicians--any longer. Rich Cline SHADOWS ON THE WALL

In my heart of hearts, I know this isn't the best way to start a movie review. But in my heart of hearts, I also know I need to do what's right. Linda Cook QUAD CITY TIMES (DAVENPORT, IA)

On screen, Gore is persuasive and engaging, trotting out facts and photographs to go along with high-tech graphs that would make Ross Perot envious. Thomas Delapa BOULDER WEEKLY

If it all sounds a little contrived and too well-rehearsed, it is all on behalf of a greater good, since the statistics are individually alarming, collectively chilling and all but irrefutable. Duane Dudek MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

An Inconvenient Truth is one of the most realistic documentaries I've ever seen -- and, dry as it is, one of the most devastating in its implications. David Edelstein NEW YORK MAGAZINE

This movie will shake you, especially if you have kids. The central facts are piling up in a way that disturbs anything but indolent complacency. David Elliott SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

Anybody who takes a long-term interest in the state of the planet--say, more than next hurricane season--would do well to see An Inconvenient Truth. Jurgen Fauth ABOUT. COM

The educational moments work beautifully, the personal bits don't. Still, one of the year's best - frightening, compelling and at points unforgettable. Garth Franklin DARK HORIZONS

The truths in this challenging film aren't just inconvenient; they're darkly fascinating, mighty scary, and, it seems to me, undeniable. Jack Garner ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE

A torrent of data, graphs, and images churns into a Category 5 scientific warning of impending doom for the earth. . . . consciousness-raising by a man who has found his calling. Brian Gibson VUE WEEKLY (EDMONTON, CANADA)

... it's impossible not to be shaken, stirred, and, finally, thoroughly enlightened by what the man is saying. Gary Goldstein REEL. COM

Yes, it's a science lecture when all is said and done, but it's a science lesson that's never dull -- chilling in its conclusions, but hardly boring. Ken Hanke MOUNTAIN XPRESS (ASHEVILLE, NC)

Al Gore delivers his thousandth lecture on the subject as though it were his first--he's fresh and energetic, warm and friendly. Harvey S. Karten COMPUSERVE

The argument would be compelling and moving, even if delivered stiffly, but one of the real revelations of the film is his relaxed, personable, often funny, delivery. Andy Klein LOS ANGELES CITYBEAT

Subtext is just as important as text in Al Gore's cautionary tale of global warming and call to arms. Docu shows how personal tragedies (Gore almost losing his son) and crises can be channeled creatively toward relevant issues larger than oneself. Emanuel Levy EMANUELLEVY. COM

... an important subject, and... possibly an important film. Philip Martin ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE

Left-wing pop science gone mad. Tony Medley TONYMEDLEY. COM

It's about science and only because we live in a society where believing in scientific truth has become controversial can it be seen as partisan at all. Marc Mohan OREGONIAN

The film is more suspenseful than many thrillers and more emotional than many tear-jerkers. And, most of all, it's scarier than any horror flick. Donald Munro FRESNO BEE

It's a "must see, then go and do" film. Sean O'Connell CHARLOTTE WEEKLY

After sitting through this monotone lecture on melting glaciers and carbon dioxide, you'll be eager to drop the class. Matt Pais METROMIX. COM

No matter how much generosity critics and activists show this movie, it is still a boring slideshow by a boring speaker with cool graphics and thus, a boring movie. David Poland MOVIE CITY NEWS

If you are unfamiliar with this issue, or are a sheltered dittohead, this film is a good primer on arguments supporting the idea of global warming. Robert Roten LARAMIE MOVIE SCOPE

Cinematic brussel sprouts. Nick Schager NICK SCHAGER FILM PROJECT

Director Davis Guggenheim expands Gore's highly polished multimedia lecture into dramatic form with personal footage of Gore that exemplifies his 40-year commitment to a subject that is consuming our Earth. Cole Smithey COLESMITHEY. COM

From a 'legal' perspective, Gore presents a strong case... well worth seeking out, inviting others to, and debating afterward. Frank Swietek ONE GUY'S OPINION

Where he won me back was when he started talking about the population issues... Perhaps this should be a birth control film as well as an environmental one. Fred Topel CAN MAGAZINE

The most compelling disaster movie of the summer. Scott Von Doviak FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM

Gore's multimedia presentation is like a rock concert: ever-changing visuals and on-stage mini-shticks that draw the audience into a mountain of scientific data, anecdotes that connect the dots and make the larger picture clear... Les Wright CULTUREVULTURE. NET

[Y]ou don't need to like Gore, or trust him, or even believe him to get a swift kick in the pants, one that'll scare the hell out of you... MaryAnn Johanson FLICK FILOSOPHER

If you see only one movie this year, make it An Inconvenient Truth. It may not be the year's best movie, or its most entertaining, but it's certainly the most terrifyingly crucial. Jeffrey M. Anderson COMBUSTIBLE CELLULOID

Illuminating and distressing... a grave message indeed. Jeanne Aufmuth PALO ALTO WEEKLY

A nonfiction disaster movie about the ultimate in non-partisan concerns, the fate of the planet. John Beifuss COMMERCIAL APPEAL (MEMPHIS, TN)

The movie's impact overcomes any discomfort with Gore or his politics. Ralph Brave ORLANDO WEEKLY

Regardless of all the cacophonous naysaying, this is an absorbing documentary that gently pushes a message that all Americans of sound mind and good conscience can embrace: Let's work together to make the world a better place. Matt Brunson CREATIVE LOAFING

It's as a piece of entertainment that the movie scores its most surprising victory, taking the audience on a dizzying emotional and intellectual journey. Brett Buckalew FILMSTEW. COM

It's probably best to ignore the film's political subtext and simply concentrate on the message: global warming is real, we're responsible for it, and we can do something about it without ruining the U. S. economy. But we're running out of time. Robert W. Butler KANSAS CITY STAR

The film makes [Gore] out to be a bigger martyr and a better savior than Jesus Christ, himself. Kevin Carr 7M PICTURES

The movie is the message, and it's worth seeing. Jeffrey Chen WINDOW TO THE MOVIES

An Inconvenient Truth may be considered by some as liberal ranting by Al Gore, but Davis Guggenheim and all make a good case for his doomsday claims. Robin Clifford REELING REVIEWS

Despite [its] weighty evidence, An Inconvenient Truth manages to transcend total doom and gloom in gratifyingly imaginative ways ... Carol Cling LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL

In spite of brief missteps, the film has an important message that needs to be heard. It's not a doom-and-gloom movie as much as it is a call to action. Cherryl Dawson and Leigh Ann Palone THEMOVIECHICKS. COM

Informative and enlightening; one of those rare movies that absolutely must be seen. Edward Douglas COMINGSOON. NET

If you believe, as I do, that global warming is a critical problem, then An Inconvenient Truth could not arrive at a more important time. Daniel Eagan FILM JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL

Gore plainly illustrates the bind we find ourselves in environmentally, while swiftly and effectively dismissing any so-called 'debate' on the issue. Annlee Ellingson BOXOFFICE MAGAZINE

I wish that there was a way to get the facts in this film in front of the audience that needs to see it, the audience that takes the words of human mockeries like Michael Crichton and Michelle Malkin as gospel. Devin Faraci CHUD

To Gore's credit, he is using this film to promote something other than himself (although, granted, that is a nifty side effect). He does seem to truly care about the world in which we live. Phoebe Flowers SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL

Gore's insistent, motivated sense of morality has finally found an outlet, even making use of skills honed over years of campaigning -- parrying, querying, quipping. Cynthia Fuchs POPMATTERS

This stunning documentary about global warming is a well-reasoned, clearly-proven, intelligent, cogent, irresistible torrent of scientific data, in a curiously warm, engaging, often funny presentation. Janos Gereben ENTERTAINMENT INSIDERS

Relevant and persuasive, it's a convincing plea for activism. Susan Granger MODAMAG. COM

An Inconvenient Truth is entertaining and for the last reason you'd expect: Al Gore is good company. Chris Hewitt (St. Paul) ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS

Voters who perceived Gore as a stiff, bland politician hen-pecked by the issues and unable to connect to his audience may be pleased by this makeover. Jeremiah Kipp SLANT MAGAZINE

Can you dislike Al Gore's green documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth' and still like trees? Josh Larsen SUN PUBLICATIONS (CHICAGO, IL)

A public service announcement that appeals mostly to our conscience, but also our hearts. Eric Melin SCENE-STEALERS. COM

While it is a sobering film, it is not depressing... there might be more fun ways to spend your summer afternoon, but Gore infuses his talk with much more than just, as he calls it, a nature hike through the Book of Revelations. Karina Montgomery CINERINA

Gore's one-man global road show manages to both stagger and humble viewers with an accessible mix of data and evidence. Randy Myers CONTRA COSTA TIMES

Frightening and timely, the smartly organized documentary is an urgent plea for responsibility and action as well as an impassioned call to heed the ominous warnings of science. Connie Ogle MIAMI HERALD

Gore's very presence probably will prove to be an impediment to his message in the reddest of the 'red' states. But for those within its reach, 'An Inconvenient Truth' is a film we can ignore only at our own peril. Jonathan R. Perry TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH (TEXAS)

... the fundamental obstacle to making the average human aware and concerned about the ecology is a matter of comprehending scale--a problem which the formerly robotic Democrat tackles rather elegantly. Rubin Safaya CINEMALOGUE. COM

I doubt if this film can save the planet, but it speaks volumes for Gore's political future as his public profile is given a much needed makeover. Dennis Schwartz OZUS' WORLD MOVIE REVIEWS

This isn't a 'fun' film, per se, but it never ceases to be fascinating and eye-opening. Eric D. Snider ERICDSNIDER. COM

Even if Gore is polishing his own image in advance of a run for president (he denies it), he lays out the basics of the case for global warming in a way that is lucid and mostly fair. Gary Thompson PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

Gore is inspired here, a man on a crusade that slide by slide and impassioned remark by remark drives home the inconvenient truth about global warming. It's an alarming scenario so calling him alarmist really misses the point. Urban Cinefile Critics URBAN CINEFILE

Part awkward yet surprisingly funny stand-up comedian, part wily environmentalist, whether you like Gore or hate'm, the last thing word you would use to describe Gore in his new documentary is "boring." Mike Ward RICHMOND. COM

A stern warning and a call to arms, a must-see for anyone who hopes to save the world from ignorance and inaction. Joe Utichi FILMFOCUS

The clarity and simplicity of the presentation is remarkable. Gore is a likable, confident, humorous speaker. And the material reminds us of the need for vigilance. James Berardinelli REELVIEWS

A film that invests hard science with impassioned moral drive. Amy Biancolli HOUSTON CHRONICLE

Will likely make you admire Al Gore a little more than you already do, worry about the planet a lot more than you already do, and finally, leave you with as many questions as when you started. Michael Booth DENVER POST

... highly persuasive ... Kevin Crust LOS ANGELES TIMES

It will be interesting to watch how skeptics will deal with Gore's bad news on the environment without making themselves look very small. David Denby NEW YORKER

In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are: You owe it to yourself to see this film. If you do not, and you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to. Roger Ebert CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

Like an inventive and engrossing lecture by your favorite eighth-grade science teacher, making it an engaging movie, whatever your politics. Eleanor Ringel Gillespie ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION

An Inconvenient Truth can't, of course, reveal a future that is still up to us, but by the time you're done watching, the real question is, Which way on God's green earth would you want to err? Owen Gleiberman ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

An excellent educational tool. Dennis Harvey VARIETY

Al Gore brings his campaign to reverse global warming to the big screen in this vivid and vital activist movie. Kirk Honeycutt HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Mandatory viewing regardless, much as an alarm clock must be heeded despite its annoying ring. Peter Howell TORONTO STAR

Really two movies: a sobering lecture about a globe that's getting warmer and a profile of a leader whose career has always been hindered by his apparent lack of warmth. J. R. Jones CHICAGO READER

Much of this material is familiar, but presented in total, over the course of 100 minutes, the impact is frightening. Liam Lacey GLOBE AND MAIL

Brings a feeling of history: Virtually everyone who sees this movie will be galvanized to do something about global warming -- and everyone should see this movie. Mick LaSalle SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

Communicates the dangers of ignoring global warning with credible urgency in a way news coverage of conferences and TV news segments have never been able to do. Terry Lawson DETROIT FREE PRESS

Despite quibbles over details, the case [Gore] presents is compelling, and anyone who isn't sure whether global warming is a mounting crisis or a massive hoax should see this film. Kerry Lengel ARIZONA REPUBLIC

Matter of fact, it's surprisingly entertaining, if ultimately shocking. Tom Long DETROIT NEWS

The film succeeds powerfully, even though it's short on practical solutions, makes some questionable statements of fact and, given Gore's current ambiguous position in public life, requires a tighter focus on the message than on the messenger.Joe Morgenstern WALL STREET JOURNAL

In an eco-horror show that politely masquerades as a documentary, the former vice president effectively warns of man-made cataclysm. Wesley Morris BOSTON GLOBE

... the film makes for compelling psychobiography despite the fact that Gore, stiff as an air-conditioned breeze at the Four Seasons, isn't the least bit compelling himself. Rob Nelson VILLAGE VOICE

In the battle between Big Trouble (Gore's line) and Big Oil (Bush's), fossil fuel won. Even with gas prices it's still winning, which is why An Inconvenient Truth, for all its limitations as cinematic agitprop, deserves an audience. Michael Phillips CHICAGO TRIBUNE

What could have been mired in political rhetoric or techno-speak is instead illuminating, fascinating and sometimes frightening. Claudia Puig USA TODAY

A powerful film that educates as it engages. Carrie Rickey PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

It's very effective and very successful. I think it can create a debate and discussion and you can go from there. Richard Roeper EBERT & ROEPER

... the movie preaches to the choir rather than winning over new converts. Lisa Rose NEWARK STAR-LEDGER

Gore has brought all the scattered news stories together in one briskly narrated, handsomely illustrated place, and the power of his points is striking. Sobering. Ultimately alarming. Richard Schickel TIME MAGAZINE

An Inconvenient Truth is a necessary film. A. O. Scott NEW YORK TIMES

... much of what Gore says in this slide show he gives to people whose minds are not yet fully formed (undergraduates, actors) is absurd, and his assertions often contradict each other. Kyle Smith NEW YORK POST

An Inconvenient Truth is no great shakes as moviemaking, but it may just shake enough bean counters out of complacency to make a difference. Jan Stuart NEWSDAY

While Gore's onstage presentation tells us nothing new, it has a renewed -- call it recycled -- potency, in light of a growing scientific consensus about changing weather patterns. Desson Thomson WASHINGTON POST

An Inconvenient Truth, like its star, is quite persuasive in framing global warming as a crisis rapidly accelerating along with the planet's population. That means us. And that means the potential to take action. Chris Vognar DALLAS MORNING NEWS

The United States is by far the worst polluter on the planet, a shameful fact that has to change. Lori Hoffman ATLANTIC CITY WEEKLY

Documentary filmmaking at its best: Make a case, make it convincingly, and show us what to do about it. Bruce Kirkland JAM! MOVIES

The truth hurts. Kamal 'The Diva' Larsuel 3BLACKCHICKS REVIEW

Regardless of how you may feel about Gore the politician, this film is an important one, and its ultimate message of hope (it's not too late) and duty (as humans, we need to do the right thing by the planet on which we live) is inspiring and invigorating. Moira MacDonald SEATTLE TIMES

The surprise of An Inconvenient Truth is that it's not a downer. Gore's humor is self-deprecating, his tone never bitter. Sean Means SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

Gore's somewhat stiff but clearly deeply felt delivery turns out to be just right for this material. Anything else would sound shrill and shriek-y. Nell Minow MOVIE MOM AT YAHOO! MOVIES

Political will, Gore suggests, is a renewable resource. Maybe he has rediscovered his. And maybe, we figure, after we've seen it, we should discover ours. Roger Moore ORLANDO SENTINEL

the documentary is so convincing that it makes opposers of the argument as credible as Holocaust deniers. Jon Niccum LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD

Inconvenient Truth might not be to everyone's tastes, but it's trying to do something positive in a time when forward thinking always seems to be punished. Brian Orndorf FILMJERK.COM

Every responsible, thinking American should see this film. Michael W. Phillips, Jr. GOATDOG'S MOVIES

Parroting conventional wisdom is anything but inconvenient, and a theory is not a truth. The 'sky is falling' always sells -- books, movies and politicians. Steve Rhodes INTERNET REVIEWS

The material is presented clearly and, for the most part, persuasively, although the side-trips into Gore's family history... seem like the minibiographies that are traditionally served up during election time. James Sanford KALAMAZOO GAZETTE

Though generally presented in a fawning, overly obsequious style, the film also has a heartening degree of candor... and its triumph is the manner in which it highlights the notion of political will as a renewable resource. Brent Simon NOW PLAYING MAGAZINE

... a rousing, upbeat concert film about the end of the world. Bob Strauss LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS

It seems better suited to classrooms than movie theaters, though any way its urgent message can be disseminated should be encouraged. Scott Tobias ONION AV CLUB

Well-crafted, compelling cinematic food for thought. Jeff Vice DESERET NEWS, SALT LAKE CITY

As lectures on film go, An Inconvenient Truth sends its message in clear and engaging fashion. John Wirt ADVOCATE (BATON ROUGE, LA