TecEco People


Directors are John Harrison B.Sc B.Ec FCPA, Barbara Harrison B.Ed, Grad. Dip Coun. and Vincent Lyne B. Eng. M. Eng. Sc. Ph.D. John Harrison is the Managing Director.

John Harrison B.Sc. B.Ec. FCPA (Managing Director)

Aubrey John Weston Harrison (he prefers to be called John Harrison) has degrees in science and economics and is a member of many organisations (detailed resume). Apart from running a large accountancy/consulting practice (John Harrison Accountants) he has had experience as a geochemist (exploration and minerals separation) and in engineering and has been responsible for a number of innovations including the tech tendon method of pre stressing. John is managing director and chairman of TecEco Pty. Ltd. and best known for the invention of TecEco cements including Eco-Cement which because it sets by absorbing CO2 has attracted significant global interest. (See publicity). John is an authority on earth systems science and sustainable materials for the built environment and was the founder of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainable Materials in Construction (AASMIC) and was for many years their chair. He has been the keynote speaker at many conferences and recently co-chaired the successful SMB2007 conference in Melbourne Australia. John is committed to finding ways of profitably reversing damaging molecular flows underlying the flow of materials through the physical economy (The techno-process). In recent times he has concentrated on the research and development of what he calls Gaia Engineering to solve the worlds water waste and CO2 problems. John's philosophy on sustainability.

John is keen to show large companies in the construction industry and in particular cement and concrete producers how to easily dramatically improve the sustainability of their product.

Vincent Lyne PhD.

Vincent holds an honors degree in mechanical engineering and a masters degree in engineering science (civil). His Ph.D. is in oceanography. During his course work Vincent won several important academic prizes. Vincent has worked for the United States Geological Survey and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. He currently is a principle scientist with the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research and works on range of marine projects.

Barbara Harrison Grad. Dip. Counseling

Barbara Harrison has a B.Ed. and Graduate Certificate in Counseling and Development. She is a registered teacher in Australian schools and a great support to her husband.

Active Consultants

Graham Rogers B.Ec., M.Env.Sci., AIBF Sr.

Graham Rogers has a Bachelors Degree in Economics (with Accounting) (Monash University, 1974), a Trained Secondary Teachers Certificate (Rusden SCV, 1976), a Masters Degree in Science (Monash University, 1982).

Graham brings to the company expertise in project finance, business development, and sustainability. He has worked in resource sector project financing, as an academic in banking and finance, strategic planning and business management, and also has national policy experience, including as a former member of the National Task force on Cleaner Production. He has a special interest in realizing the commercial potential of the TecEco IP and is actively contributing to the financing plan, ongoing network building, business plan development and implementation and alliances of the company.

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